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LIAISONS by Kristen D. Scott

Garden Oak Press, July 2012


Reviewed by Tarik Nayman

In her debut book Liaisons, author Kristen D. Scott explores the culture of the Middle East, as seen first-hand in her journeys. Her poetry evokes the senses with the spices of sensuality, eroticism, loss, love, fear and peace.

In her introduction, Scott speaks of her childhood adventures based upon the classic tales in A Thousand and One Nights (Alf Leila wa Leila). She also chronicles her fascination with Arabic influence in Spain, Federico Garcia Lorca, The Duende, and Lorca’s homage to Moorish culture in his Tamarit Divan.

Scott’s Liaisons is not too precious as she moves through losses in her life: father, friends, an engagement, and the death of her first-love.

Liaisons is a refreshing departure from pop-culture poetry, prose, and the like. Scott’s work is a throw-back to the mystical passion of the “cradle of life” and the civilizations where poetry began.

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Tarik Nayman is a successful Editor and translator from Izmir, Türkiye. He has edited journals, newspapers, and online publications in Türkiye, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Nayman is currently under contract for his first book, Afiyet Olsun due in spring 2013. Nayman is Managing Editor of KNOT and a successful chef in Marmaris, Türkiye.



Kristen D. Scott has published in several literary anthologies as well as newspapers, literary journals, and ezines. Her poetry, essays, and critical articles have appeared in The San Diego Poetry Annuals (2008-09, 2010-11 and upcoming issue), The Magee Park Poets Anthology, Contemporary World Literature, Contemporary World Poetry Perigee: Literary Journal for the Arts, Taiwanese Newspapers, Today’s Alternative News, CCUN, and many others.

In addition, Scott has won a literary award for her essay on Spanish Poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, “Federico Garcia Lorca and the Tamarit Divan.”

Scott is Editor Emeritus, co- founder, publisher, and designer of two successful literary journals CWPJ and CWLJ.

In addition, Scott published her first collection of poetry in July 2012, Liaisons by Garden Oak Press. Scott will publish The Key to Everything: Unlocking the Divine in Your Life, due 2013.