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I watched men, women, and children pass.

Slowly I even watched time pass. But you never did.

Sitting high over everyone, but you’ve forgotten

that there’s someone higher than you.

The people want the regime to fall.

It’s simple, but you won’t heed their cries.

Words like spittle against the sink, we have to see it before we scrub it dry.

You’ve fed us the filth lining the inside of rusting cans. But our tongues

are tired of being trapped in our mouths.

We’ve chosen dignity to the protection of your lies.

These banners unfolded before you, they’re only fragments of the voices

we’ve carried inside us these forty years.

And when you sleep at night, I’m sure you hear

the echo of the chants in the streets.

They’re growing louder each minute, passing from mouth to ear.

You’re surrounded by walls, men, and lies.

The people have kept you high and you’ve made sure

to keep them low, lying on top of each other.

But we’ve heard each other’s pulse;

memorized the beatings of our hearts. And now we all beat as one.

Bullets, machine guns, and tanks won’t stop the chants.

They’ve solidified behind the walls of hope and you’re trapped on the other side.

The people want the regime to fall. Do you hear that? We are all waiting for you to crumble.

Lubna Safi fell in love playing with words when she was nine years old. Since then, Safi has created many worlds, and written many poems.

Safi studied English Literature at Indiana University concentrating in Creative Writing. Her literary achievements include winning the Ruth Halls Prize for Poetry as well as the Print Express Poetry Contest. She has also been published in many online magazines including the Dancing Star, Racing Minds, and soon in September, Niche Literary Magazine.

Lubna wrote the piece titled “Release Them Before You Go” in response to what is happening in Syria, but soon realized that its generality applies to any Middle Eastern country suffering under the grasp of tyranny.