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brazen your lips upon this swanning
trace the tips of redemption

it is all for your reaching

bury your exhalations
upon the understated
  know the beats of ecstasy
that colour themselves sapphire
and emerald in shadows before me

and i have walked beneath the ravaging shroud

i have become the veil

there is no sex
there is no fornication
no coitus
that can restrain
the pinnacle of the flesh
in our sensuality

a lotus has been blossoming
beneath the scars and ash
and she awaits

the purity of the grasp
that baptismal flow of water through sand





Michelle Williams is the author of Female (Alabaster and Mercury) and founder of Vocal INKorporated, an organization dedicated to the freedom of expression through poetry, music and art. She is the host of several poetry, art and performance events in the NW Ohio area, including Simply Poetry. She is the host of Vocality and Selections on BlogTalkRadio and also serves as the Ohio Senate Member for the international music and arts organization, Poetry Over Music. Michelle has also committed to publishing a new chapbook with Crisis Chronicles Press.