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That is love
Song of the absentee
Mass of he
Who could not find
A rescue port
Did not commit a nostalgic moment
It is the impossible that
We adore so
some of the air that we be
As we inhale
It is time’s twig turning green
some of the destruction
That demolishes forts
It is the coveting of palms’ cry
and the traveling of our spirits
In the sky
some of the hope
And a melody that ripened
Over the years
It is love my friend
a candle of submission
burning us in passion
growing between the ribs
beckons us
To be strong
drown in a limbo of tears
It’s Love my friend
A trick of words
Some longing taking root in the flap of clouds
some peace
A blade biting bones
It is, my friend
The moment before the moment
A death before death
we die and live so as not to die
With love survive
The sickness we loathe

Fawzia Alwi is a writer, professor of literature, poet, and critic from Kasserine, Tunisia. Alwi has published a combination of seven books of poetry and novels. Fawzia became well-known for her support of the revolution in January 2012. Alwi resides on the west side of Kasserine.