me 22Kristen D. Scott, M.F.A, MA

Founder/Editor In Chief

Award winning author Kristen Scott has published in several literary anthologies as well as newspapers, literary journals, and ezines. Her poetry, essays, and critical articles have appeared in The San Diego Poetry Annuals (2008-09, 2010-11 and upcoming issue), The Magee Park Poets Anthology, Contemporary World Literature, Contemporary World Poetry Perigee: Literary Journal for the Arts, Taiwanese Newspapers, Today’s Alternative News, CCUN, and many others.

Scott has won a literary award for her essay on Spanish Poet, Federico
Garcia Lorca, “Federico Garcia Lorca and the Tamarit Divan.”

Scott is Editor Emeritus,  Co- founder, Publisher, and Designer of two
successful literary journals CWPJ and CWLJ
In addition, Scott is under
contract for 2 books: “Four Poets’ on the Edge” 2013 ; and “The Key to
Everything: Unlocking the Divine in Your Life, due 2013;  

Scott published her first collection of poetry from Garden Oak Press in July 2012; LIAISONS.

Penny Perry

Fiction Editor

Perry’s work has appeared in Redbook, California Quarterly, Spillway, Third Wednesday, THEMA, The San Diego Poetry Annual (several volumes), The Magee Park Poets Anthology, Perigee: Literary Journal for the Arts, CWLJ, CWPJ, and many others.

In addition, Perry has written a successful PBS production, and penned episodes of Director Gary Marshall’s 1980’s, television show, “Laverne and Shirley.”

Her new collection of poetry, Santa Monica Disposal & Salvage published in March 2012, by Garden Oak Press.

A mother of three, she lives with her husband in one of the last rural pockets of San Diego County.

Imene Bennani, MA

Poetry Editor

Imene Bennani is a Tunisian teacher and scholar. She graduated from the faculty of Arts of Sousse (Tunisia) where she worked as assistant and taught English Literature. Imene Bennani made her MA on the poetry of Emily Dickinson and is currently preparing her PhD on contemporary Arab American Poetry. She now works as researcher at CEREDICREC (The Center for Research and Studies in the Dialogue of Cultures and Comparative Religions), Sousse, Tunisia. Her fields of interest include American Literature, Arab Literature, and Literary translation.

Kristen Scott, MA, M.F.A

Web Master/Mistress

See above Bio

Ignacio Ricci

Web Design

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  1. Thank you very much for this great initiative, Kristen D. Scott.

  2. Thank you, for your support!

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